New York

The Big Apple 2016

I went to New York City in May 2016 to go see my favorite DJs, Above & Beyond during their acoustic tour. I ended up going a day early so I could hang out with a few of my friends. We ended up going to this ultra sketchy area of Brooklyn for a warehouse party. When we arrived it was raining, and the show was outdoors. They weren’t selling any alcohol because of code violations – lol – so my friend and I ended up walking around to find a store. It ended up being a fantastic night, despite the rain and sketchiness.

Big Apple 1.jpg

Day 2 in the Big Apple: I met my mother and we took a boat over to the Statue of Liberty. We had such an incredible time walking around Ellis Island, going through the museum and climbing up to the pedestal. While on the Island we found the names of my great-grandparents who immigrated to the United States. This was a very moving moment for me. I had been to the Statue of Liberty when I was very young, but I obviously have no recollection of it. Being able to see the wall with all the names of the immigrants was incredible, especially because May 2016 was right in the middle of a nasty Presidential race. We had a presidential candidate running their campaign on the ideas of hate. The candidate, who is now our President, wanted to build a wall to keep people out of the United States. New York City is what it is today because of the immigrants that came and continue to come to it on a day-to-day basis. We must not forget that the United States was formed by immigrants. That is the beauty of the Land of the Free.

After exploring the grounds of Ellis Island, we made the trek back to Manhattan where we washed up and ate some food. We walked down to the Beacon Theatre, where Above & Beyond was going to play their third and final night in New York City. This show was different than any A&B show I have ever attended: it was acoustic. Tony, Paavo and Jono all took part playing their instruments with a live band and other singers. This was my moms first time ever seeing them – and I think it was the best way to break her into the scene. It was a beautiful production. The voices were fantastic. I was blown away by one singer, Cobi. He was the male lead and he was incredible. He gave the A&B songs that I love a new sound, his sound.



“A Departure”

The day has come. With two years underneath my belt with Time Warner Cable News, my departure note has officially been sent out. I have mixed emotions over the entire situation. I’ve begun to go through my belongings, some of which have been accruing for the last twenty-four years. My last day will be October 11th at TWC News, October 6th at the Courtyard by Marriott. I’ve worked at both jobs for the past two years. I got my job with Marriott immediately after college while I was trying to get my foot into the door of broadcasting. After getting the offer to be YNN’s (TWC News now) overnight assignment editor I left Marriott for about seven months, only to return working part time. I will miss my coworkers from both jobs so much!


Project Semicolon

People around the world are getting semicolon tattoos to show support for those who struggle with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. It represents the choice to continue life, because a semicolon is used when an author could have ended their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life. 

Project Semicolon was born from a social media movement in 2013. The project exists to to encourage, love and inspire.


I am he as you are he as you are me

A little background on who I am and what I do. I currently reside near the Capital Region. Not familiar with it? Don’t sweat it. New York’s Capital District, also known as the Capital Region, is a region in upstate New York that generally refers to the four counties surrounding Albany, the capital of the state.

Anyways. I work for a TV station that focuses on two markets in the state of New York: Capital Region and the Hudson Valley. I’m an assignment editor. What’s that? Basically I am responsible for identifying the top news stories for the day, and assigning/managing crews in the field. Each day I have to execute a daily plan that ensures all desired editorial content is gathered in a timely fashion, which at times can be difficult.

What do I do besides being glued to my phone during breaking news? I love to go to music festivals, concerts, play with my pup and two rabbits, hike, kayak, explore, and watch the world pass me by.