We will always have Telluride

telluride 1

TELLURIDE, Co. – I made the adventure out to Colorado back in August 2016. I have mentioned my passion for music.. My friend and I decided to make the trip to CO to see our favorite DJ, Pretty Lights (Derek Vincent Smith). I flew from MCO to DEN and reunited with a good friend (Emily) in the airport. We got into our rental car and explored the city of Denver and had a fantastic lunch with an old friend from college, Mayowa. Mayowa showed us this fantastic vegan restaurant (City O’ City) and the food was fabulous. It was great to be able to catch up with an old friend in a great city.

Me, Mayowa and Emily

We then met up with my brother’s good friends, Peter and Zac. Peter let us crash on his couch for the night. It was great to see the two of them because it had been years. We went out to this taco place down the street and my good friend Willie (who lives in Fort Collins). What a reunion it was!


The next morning Emily and I got into our tiny rental car and picked up two strangers and headed down to Telluride. I had met this girl in Pretty Lights Mamas that needed a ride for her and her boyfriend from Denver to Telluride. So, we carpooled. Made a pit stop at Red Rocks and then embarked on our adventure.

The drive to Telluride was awful. I will admit that I absolutely hate driving. The ride was supposed to be roughly 6 hours, it was 7+. At one point I am driving up this steep mountain and it begins to downpour. It felt like it was literally raining cats and dogs. Some of the hail dropping from the sky was the size of a golf ball. I couldn’t see anything in front of me.. so naturally I panic. Here I am  white-knuckle driving up this mountain and when I make it to the top the rain fades away. AT LAST. I am free from that horrendous downpour. When I begin my descend I realized there aren’t even guard rails on the side and I am behind a log truck. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING. I felt like I was in the movie Final Destination.

Alas! We made it to gorgeous town of Telluride. I was completely blown away by this small town charm. You drive onto Main Street and straight ahead are the mountains. I was in complete awe.

Telluride Main Street.JPG

I loved everything about Telluride. The food, people, animals, mountains.. Everything. We stayed at an Airbnb and our host was one of the most genuine human beings I have had the pleasure to come into contact with. She showed us where we should eat, drink and explore. She, too, was going to see Pretty Lights at the Town Park. She had gone the year before and told us how incredible it was.

Our first night in Telluride we had a few intentional beverages and went to a pre-show at the Sheridan Opera House. We had a surprise show with Michal Menert since one of the DJs couldn’t make it in time. Menert definitely put on a good show.

Friday we ended up going for a hike. We hiked Bear Creek Falls and that was definitely an interesting time. I would like to think of myself as an “in shape” kind of gal. I run, hike, kayak, etc. I’ll just blame the hike being so difficult because I wasn’t used to the elevation. Telluride’s elevation is 8,750′ and once we reached the waterfall we were rougly 9,940′. I live in Florida.. where everything is flat. I definitely got my workout in for the day (weekend). Once we reached the waterfall it was all worth it. We looked out and saw what we had just accomplished. The mountains were untouched and pure.

telluride 3

Now onto why I was even in Colorado in the first place. PRETTY LIGHTS. Holy shit was his show fantastic. We are in a Town Park in Telluride, CO. The mountains are all around us. 8,750′! He’s doing his incredible light show off of the mountains behind us. When we went in the first night we got our drinks in personalized Pretty Lights cups – a souvenir. Dancing two nights on top of a mountain with Pretty Lights is just what I needed to wrap up summer. The food we ate was fantastic (S.O. to Brown Dog Pizza), the parties we had were a blast, the music was everything I could ever ask for — but the scenery of where this show was is what made it my favorite. Telluride is a place I will go back and visit again. This quaint, quiet town won my heart over.

Cheers to Pretty Lights

We woke up Sunday morning (early) because we had to get on the road for Emily to make her flight out of DEN. That ride was horrendous. We had picked up the couple we drove down to Telly with from their Airbnb and hit the road. Again.. what should have taken around 6ish hours took almost 9. NINE HOURS. We hit major traffic on the roads and at one point the girl began to throw up outside of my rental car window (while I continued to drive). Hilariously disgusting. Emily – almost – missed her flight. We made it back to Denver in-a-frenzy.

All around the trip was a success. I got to see old friends, make some new ones, and visit one of the most beautiful small towns in the U.S.

Dear Colorado –  I love you so much. I’ll be back soon.

telluride 2



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