Update on myself..

I originally made a WordPress with the intention to write about my adventures in the South. As we all know, life gets busy, and I just didn’t keep up with writing (and to be honest, I didn’t write once since I have been down here). So here I am.. hello!

I have been in Orlando, FL since October 2015. Since the big move I have worked with FOX 35 as an assignment editor. I have covered the 2016 Presidential election, hurricanes, child attacked by an alligator at Disney, and the worst mass shooting in modern history. Now don’t get me wrong, the news that I cover in Florida isn’t always this extreme and heartbreaking. I’ve covered plenty of #FloridaMan stories and a dog having his best day ever.


Besides work I have traveled around Florida to explore. I’ve gone to the beach, kayaking, and I even went snorkeling with the manatees. Snorkeling with the manatees was such an incredible experience, I would recommend it to anyone. My boyfriend and I went to this place on the west coast and had such an incredible time. Now this wasn’t a place where you jump into the pool and swim with manatees. We took a boat ride and snorkeled around to find the little creatures. It was winter time for them, so they were in with the warmer weather. At one point everyone was looking in my direction and I realized what I thought was sand underneath me was actually a manatee swimming below me!!

My brother visited for a weekend and we went to Tampa to tour Cigar City Brewing and we went to a Lightning game. Now that was a great time. We even found a park in Orlando named after us.. “Delaney Park”.


And of course my parents have come down to visit.. plenty of times.

So far my time in Florida has definitely been an adventure. Cheers to many more.


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