Camp Shambles goes to New Hampshire

PL NH.jpg


So.. I like music.. a lot. I have traveled North, South, East and West to see a DJ that I like. I have even traveled abroad (I’ll touch on that in a different post). I decided to fly back North to see Pretty Lights (Derek Vincent Smith) in Gilford, New Hampshire August 2016. “Camp Shambles,” the name of the group that I camp with at festivals, decided to go to Pretty Lights Live Episodic Tour at Bank of NH Pavilion.


Boy were we in for a treat..

Night 1: Tipper, G Jones, Marvel Years, Outlet & Pretty Lights

Night 2: Atmosphere, Big Wild, Brasstracks, Wax Future & Pretty Lights.

Two FULL nights of dope music. The venue was cool, you had a ‘pit’ area closest to the stage. There were seats in the pavilion and then there was a grass area up hill. Shambles stayed in a hotel for the first time .. ever. We turned into middle-class wooks. And damn, were we proud of it.

We stayed right on the water, which meant drinks on the beach all day and then we’d walk over to the venue when the show began. Pretty Lights put on a great show with some jams. More jams than I had ever heard.. at one point I even forgot what song we were listening to.

Besides the music, the best part of the trip was being able to see all of my friends. I hadn’t seen most of them since before I moved down to Florida. And have no fear, there was plenty of Chillable Red to go around.

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