Shannon’s Moving to Florida

Good morning, you beautiful people!

I am excited (yet nervous!) to announce that I have accepted a job at FOX-35 Orlando. My job role with FOX 35 – WOFL will be the same title that I have now: assignment editor. I will be responsible for gathering story information from various news sources and determine the newsworthiness. I will also write, edit and post stories on the station’s website and social media platforms. My first day is scheduled for October 26th, cue the anxiety. I’ve got a lot to do before moving down – like finding a place to live and figuring out how to get the bunnies down…

This was not a simple decision to make. I love my job at Time Warner Cable (TWC) News, absolutely love it. It is just time to take the next step in my career. I have been with TWC News for the past two years (TWO YEARS TOMORROW 9/27!) and it is with them that I have learned the trait of being an assignment editor. I want to thank TWC News for taking a chance on me and giving me a wonderful start to my career in broadcasting.

I’ve never done a move before, like ever. I guess you could count me moving to college as a “move,” but my college was closer to me than my high school (a whopping 3 miles away from my house). So this is all new to me. Feel free to follow my journey as I make the trek from Albany, NY to Orlando, FL. I can’t promise everything will run smoothly, hell I know times will be the worst. But I can promise you that an adventure will be had.

And to all my New Yorkers — feel free to come and visit me when winter hits. My door will always be open for you.


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